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Event Program:

A program is handed out to each person entering the gates of a Chuck Muncie Youth Foundation Event. The programs list the;

  • Activities and times of various activities taking place at the event
  • Names and locations of paid vendors
  • The corporate sponsors of the Chuck Muncie Youth Foundation
  • Articles
  • Display advertising

Each paid vendors name and location are listed in the program.

A 10% discount is granted vendors who purchase display advertising space in the program 30 days in advance of the event. Standard rates apply for display advertising purchased in less than 30 days.

Space Rental:

Space rental is available in 10' x 10' areas.

These areas may be rented individually or as islands in blocks of 2's (example: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc.)

Prices vary per event and location.

The end portion of each Isle is rented as islands only.

Sales of products such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, controlled substances and gang related items are prohibited.

All vendors must post proper licenses and tax permits in their areas.

A copy of your Tax ID or Standard Resale Permit Card and your business license must accompany your check for space rental.

Concession Stands:

Food Concessions may not be available at certain events (ie: Stadium Events which contract with certain food service providers).

Food concessions are available at those events where not prohibited by contract.

When available, food concessionaires must present proper Department of Health permits as well as all required state and local licenses and certificate of insurance.

Vendor Tent Rental:

Vendor tents are placed at our Health Fairs and outdoor events where vendors may conduct commerce.

You may place your tent measuring up to 10' x 10' on each assigned 10' x 10' section you rent at one of our events.

You may rent one of our 10' x 10' Pop Up Tents and place it on your assigned area.

You may attach your own banner displaying your name to tent.

Signage Advertising:

Space for Image Banners and Signs may be rented for placement near high exposure areas as deemed by the Event Management.

Banner and Signage Programs available: Health Fairs Golf Tournaments Camps Return to Top Premiums: Advertising and Promotion: Premium Advertisers names are listed on all their selected media. Return to Top Pricing: Pricing for each event is on file at our corporate offices. Should you desire prices, please check our calendar, note the event and E-mail us for pricing details.

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